Dates 7/22-7/25




Daytime Camper-$395
Overnight Camper- $495

***$50 discount per player/per team for teams that bring 5 or more athletes***
If bringing 5 or more athletes, please contact Mikiah Smith at for a coupon code


What to bring: Campers will need to bring their own gloves, cleats, catchers gear (if a catcher) and bats. Along with their softball gear, campers will also need to bring their own towels, bedding, and showering materials while they attend camp.

Camp Store: We will have a camp store on site all weeks with snacks and OSU Gear for purchase.  We will also do a raffle at the beginning and end of camp.  Please plan accordingly and bring extra money if interested.

Schedule: On Sunday evening all campers will go to the softball field in order to be evaluated so they can be placed with the approriate skill level. On Monday campers will all go through hitting drills in the morning session and after lunch they will play games in the evening session. On Tuesday they will have a very similar schedule but they will work on defensive drills in the morning session and then compete in games later in the day. For the last day Wednesday, they will only play games in the morning and then will check out with parents at 12pm.


Oregon State Softball Camp Rules:
1. No running in the dorm, dining room, or pool area.
2. No drugs, smoking, swearing, gambling or fireworks.
3. Possession and/or use of non prescription drugs, alcohol, or tobacco is strictly prohibited.
4. You may be barefoot only in your room or in the shower area. Shoes must be worn at all times.
5. Keep your door closed when not in your room and stay out of other person’s rooms if no one is present.
6. Be helpful in keeping washroom areas clean.
7. Candy and gum wrappers and soft drink cans are to be put in the trash or recycling containers. Please do not litter.
8. No playing with or throwing food in the cafeteria and each camper cleans up her own tray, dishes and table.
9. No glasses or dishes are to leave dining area, and only ONE (1) item of approved food may be taken out.
10. No boys in girl camper rooms, and no girls in boy camper rooms.
11. Strict bedtime hours are necessary and enforced. All campers are to be in their own rooms and ready for bed by 9:30pm and lights out at 10:00pm.
13. Campers are required to travel back and forth to athletic facilities with a counselor at all times.
14. Never go to the pool area or enter the pool without a counselor present.
15. Oregon State Softball is not responsible for lost or stolen items, and will not be responsible for the return of items left at camp

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